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This website will be made soon, with some intention and attention, css & js. I am a PhD candidate in English at the University of Waterloo on the Haldimand tract. I work on computational rhetoric from a variety of perspectives, and write some electronic literature. This frontpage url previously hosted the Titled, "Untitled" [TODO: LINK BROKEN SINCE I MOVED THINGS AROUND] project wiki but will soon be my personal website & portfolio instead.

Here's some of my involvements:

I hope to share some of my (non /creation) research here soon.

Here's some of my creative work:

Two Bios

Kavi Duvvoori is a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo in English. Their research in computational rhetoric focuses on the impacts of algorithmic mediation on communication. It includes an empirical study of large textual models abilities to process the form and meaning of rhetorical figures and linguistic constructions in light of human neurocognitive affinities; a study of the assumptions of identity and embodiment in algorithmic voice synthesis in relation to the theories of the elocutionary movement; and a research / creation project drawing on queer media studies to develop tactics that defend plurality, participation, and fluidity in algorithmically mediated language.

Kavi Duvvoori is a writer (and other things) currently based in Kitchener, Ontario, on the Haldimand tract. Their interests include experimental and constrained literature, birds, borders, speculative fiction, lists, linguistics, the limits of language, math, worldbuilding, infrastructures, the search for ways of living that reject hierarchy and domination, sauteing, maps, and evasiveness. They have published a couple small pieces in online publications and fear the enclosure of language itself.

Here's some cool things I read or played or watched (endorsement but no affiliation):

  • Book (fiction?) - Participation, by Anna Moschovakis
  • Book (science fiction) - The Dazzle of the Day, by Molly Gloss
  • Book (science fiction) - The Membranes, by Chi Ta-Wei
  • Book (poetry/prose) - Gap Gardening: Selected Poems, by Rosmarie Waldrop
  • Computational chapbook - picking figs in the ˚̥̞̞̽̽ͯ garden while my world eats Itself, by Everest Pipkin
  • Book and game - Half Earth Socialism
  • Position Paper - Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence Position Paper
  • Book (by friend) - Game Poems, by Jordan Magnuson
  • Book - Intimate Direct Demoracy, by Modibo Kadalie
  • Research Reports - Data & Society Research
  • Journal - Logic(s) Magazine
  • Journal - Strange Matters
  • Album - Iechyd Da, by Bill Ryder-Jones
  • Album - Deja, by Bomba Estéreo
  • Digital radio: NTS Radio
  • Film - Soz, a Ballad of Maladies, dir. Tushar Madhav
  • Film - Mati Manas / Mind of Clay, dir. Mani Kaul
  • Game - Heaven's Vault, by Inkle Studios
  • Game - Caves of Qud, by Freehold Games
  • Game - Against the Storm, by Eremite Games