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16 16  A series of short descriptions introduce the project **Titled, "Untitled"** in a variety of styles and forms
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18 -[[image:IMG_4032.jpg||height="450" width="600"]]
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20 20  == [[Introductorily>>]] ==
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22 22  We: an [[author>>doc:.Poetics & Literary Theory.Biography.WebHome]], a committee, a text, a textbox, a TEXT COLUMN, [[welcome>>doc:.Mathematics & Applied Mathematics.Cellular Automata - OHELLOHI ILIEHIDE Variations.WebHome]] you to [[these premises>>doc:.Linguistics.Semantics - Room With Montague.WebHome]]. There was an interactive tour to this place but we broke that table of the database [[while inspecting it too closely>>doc:.Mathematics & Applied Mathematics.Recursion - doiwritemyself?.WebHome]], so let this paragraph be your guide.The words here are our meeting notes as we gathered [[materials>>doc:.Grammatology.Materiality - Language Kept Happening.WebHome]]: [[Language Games>>doc:.Misc\..WebHome]]. [[To come back>>doc:.Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.Word Embeddings & Vector Space Models - embed+this=wherever.WebHome]] here or [[to past places>>doc:.Misc\..Genetic Evolution - thefarawaysummerevenings.WebHome]], you can click **Titled, "Untitled"** in the navigation bars to the top and/or left. This is a wiki and that means YOU may edit it, although that may require you to prove your humanity by [[transcribing some characters>>doc:.Grammatology.String Encoding - Polycode.WebHome]], or to answer an email: and [[we reserve the right>>doc:.Misc\..Intellectual Property - Common Is That They.WebHome]] to arbitrarily edit or erase, [[even while retaining your name>>doc:.Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.Recurrent Neural Networks - Secret and Sensibility; A Dot Product Primer.WebHome]]. To use is to be used.


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