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152 152  Here's another example: USC - the university with arguably the largest and most prestigious presence in the institutionalization of games and interactive media, and primary feeder school for some of UCSC's departments - hosts a large lab, the Institute for Creative Technologies, funded by the Pentagon, that made multiple propaganda games valorizing US military interventionism. The institute remains open and funded. The other founder of the field MIT, including its media lab, maintains famously close ties to a range of military contractors. A reminder: media is also a highly militarized technology.
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154 -Trump is a monster, but the most urgent problem in the world today are the existential threats made to entire peoples targeted by religious and ethnic ultranationalism (which he fuels and facilitates in birthday-party magician fashion simply by drawing all your attention to himself): China's Uyghur's and Tibetans, undocumented people and workers in the US (and Europe), Palestinians, Myanmar's Rohingya, Muslims and followers of local or tribal religions in India, black Americans and the African diaspora globally, native and first nation people throughout the world but in renewedly dire situations in Brazil and Central America as well as North America. It is especially communities with syncretic, local, cultural religious and / or linguistic practices, many of the world's oldest, under existential threat. In North America, Europe, and also very much Asia, it is even more particularly many of these heterodox Muslim communities internationally and structurally targeted, in no small part through the export of xenophobic American War on Terror hysteria, made strangely compatible with ultraconservative (eg Wahabi) movements endorsed by economic & political ÔÇťallies" and given space to perform cultural destruction that we should all have the sense, information, and ability to call bullshit on: not to ignore the reality of terror but to resist the labels selective & extremely disengenous use. We, Americans, are connected to this violence: in setting the rules of the game, in supplying arms and letting their manufacturers stocks sit in our 401(k)s, in exporting right-wing politics and various (eg anti-Muslim) hysteria.
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156 156  Technology is not the source of the campaigns of destruction against these peoples, but adds to their broadness and lethality; perhaps though it can still make organization and learning easier as well. One policy call: after shutting down our own internment camps, tie trade to ending campaigns of targeted violence. Ban companies and banks, like Boeing, that do business in America from doing business with any institutions working to destroy Xinjiang, Yemen, etc. and ban associated individuals from getting visas. Give its targets, activists scholars and resistors, unconditional asylum. Force follows capital, and restricting flows of money has the power to create felt personal consequences for the generals and politicians who mandate violence, while sending their children to study and shop in both Cambridges. These actions can be taken at the personal, institutional (ie university endowment or company contracting) and governmental level. It is not America's or our problem to "solve" but it absolutely is America's and our problem to stop making worse. We have seen the strong effects economic actions have on authoritarian governments not undertaking campaigns of ethnocultural destruction (Iran, Cuba, Venezuela), driving negotiation and partial reform, so why not use them deliberately instead of focusing trade negotiations on soybean exports and protecting Merck and Disney. Liberals bear disproportionate responsibility for making imperialism bipartisan, and for taking for granted American hegemonic nationalism.
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158 158  This is not what this project is about. I hope you find interest and pleasure in exploring these language games, like I did in making them. And I hope you and I pay attention to the violent in uses of many of the technologies used in this project, and find ways to collectively interrupt and resist systems of violence and campaigns of ethnocultural destruction nearby and far away, and in the other parts of our lives.


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