• Qfwfq
    Qfwfq, 2019/02/22 01:00

    Aren't you at least a little ashamed to pretend to know me? Live another 13 billion years, then, then maybe you'll know what this life is like

  • Ivak Iroovvud
    Ivak Iroovvud, 2019/02/22 01:38

    Don't take it personally, Qfwfq. I like your name. Tell me more stories. Let me tell your stories. I take you as a trope for anthropomorphizing itself (more closely, a way of reading an abstract thing through human categories), a patron spirit, if that mollifies

  • Mrs. Smith
    Mrs. Smith, 2019/03/08 04:33

    The potato's buddings were bitter. Even fried in good canola oil the rhizomes go down hard. An English tree tastes better at an English dinner party, in the English arbor.

  • Ivak Iroovvud
    Ivak Iroovvud, 2019/03/08 04:34

    What are you doing here, Smith? I didn't know you

  • Ivak Iroovvud
    Ivak Iroovvud, 2019/03/08 04:36

    Right, if you responded with meaning, you would be useless. Oh, yes, indeed, my advisor recommended you (and was correct) and my critique facilitator recommended you (and was correct). The committee's only inductee on merit, from outside the family

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