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munching a plum on
the street a paper bag
of them in her hand

They taste good to her
They taste good
to her. They taste
good to her


Language Game: Language Kept Happening

Words are 3d models, falling heavily through gamespace. A concrete poem.

Theory: Materiality

A general term for heterogenous approaches to the dependence of language in particular, and communication in general, on a material substrate. The words happen in gestures of a body, or in voice, or in grids of illumination, or in raised bumps, or in ink marks. This material continues to have relevance, in the most practical and the most philosophical senses, to the communicative content of the utterance. At the same time, for writing, information transmission, and ideas to exist, language must have some existence independent of the particular material and sense it is in (indeed, language might be precisely the thing which exists across material substrates). Identifying this is highly fraught and problematic, and the traditional scientific approach, the theory of codes information and entropy, erase the specificity of substrate, intonation, and processing in a way those studying materiality, in the word "materiality," are near certain to not accept uncritically. Digital encoding is a central example of the design of systems for representing content "representing" materials in a numerical code: on the other hand, the human interaction with digital data assumes particular material apparatuses to manipulate and render these codes.

A relevant term from the analytic side of the border might be "supervenience." Many would say that content supervenes on material: two materially identical situations carry identical communicative content. This is meant in a narrow way though: two of the "same" object within different containers - different rooms, different countries, different conversations - may or must have quite different communicative content.

Anticipatory Plagiarists

  • (JOHN CAYLEY, The Gravity of the Leaf)
  • (MARY FLANAGAN, [domestic])
  • (UNITY TECHNOLOGIES, Unity 4 Engine)
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