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fill, fill.
I heard words   
and words full of holes   
aching. Speech   
is a mouth.
(ROBERT CREELEY, The Language)

oui ho L D thee Z treu TH stew bea that aw L men aah R create a D that they aah R endow D bye their create are(1) with sir to(2) N a nay L IY0 EH2 N a B a L that a M uh NG thee csar lib are(1) T IY2 a N D the pursue T uh V

Language Game - Homo Faux Nigh Is This

Automatically finds sentences with identical phonemes but different words, using the CMU Pronouncing Dict. Sometimes leaves the original word, and often leaves stranded phonemes, not in words. Theory - Phonology

The discipline producing and analyzing charts corresponding to the sounds people make in talking to each other. The ambition is to make one really big chart, from which the various human languages would be systematic subsets transitioning between each other in verifiable ways.

Anticipatory Plagiarists

  • (GALE NELSON, This is What Happens When Talk Ends)
  • (ALISON PARRISH, Rewordable)
  • (JOHN CAYLEY and DANIEL C. HOWE, Readers Project)
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