Pragmatics - A Gricean and Speech Act Analysis of a Conversation

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 Thank heaven, then, that a little illusion is left to us, to enable us to be useful and agreeable – that we don’t know exactly what our friends think of us – that the world is not made of looking-glass, to show us just the figure we are making, and just what is going on behind our backs! By the help of dear friendly illusion, we are able to dream that we are charming – and our faces wear a becoming air of self-possession; we are able to dream that other men admire our talents – and our benignity is undisturbed; we are able to dream that we are doing much good – and we do a little.
 (GEORGE ELIOT, Scenes of Clerical Life)

Introductions with analysis

Language Game: A Speech Act and Gricean Analysis of a Conversation

A text considering a conversation between two anonymous characters with the analysis of a poor linguist trying to definitively explain what they are saying.

Theory: Pragmatics

The study, after everything else has been studied, of how language is interpreted in it's contexts, especially its social positions. The problem is usually framed as a resolution of ambiguities or a filling of slots.

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