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29 29  The finished version of the game will also include slabs and beams.
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31 +[[image:Annotation 2019-07-25 152956.jpg||alt="Screenshot of The Builder's Language with a hand in front of it" height="530" width="800"]]
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31 31  == Theory: [[Language Games>>]] ==
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33 33  The "language-game" approach to theorizing language, popularized and named by Ludwig Wittgenstein, imagines language as a range of practices driven by [[shared social understandings>>doc:Main.Poetics & Literary Theory.Performativity.WebHome]]: we play "games" like telling jokes, asking and answering questions, saying "present" in turn at the beginning of a class, etc. A complexity of this form of theory is that it adamantly refuses to say decisively what the "games" in "language-games" are (refuses to presuppose some ontology in which to theorize).


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