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 It cannot be denied that the university is a place of refuge, and it cannot be accepted that the university is a place of enlightenment.
 (FRED MOTEN, Undercommons)

Language Game: Titling, 'Titled, "Untitled"'

The final outcome of the Digital Arts and New Media MFA includes:

    the project, that is, an art work, a performance, digital/new media experimental research, or an invention or computer program that enables the production of digital or new media work
    the thesis paper, that is, a 20–30 page scholarly paper that contextualizes the project historically, theoretically, and socio-culturally
    a presentation of the project in the annual MFA Exhibition

Theory: A THEORY

An academic paper contains the new knowledge which academics are paid to produce. It is new, but legible in terms of the old, readable, but adheres to rigid forms and formatting guidelines, is selected on merit and substance, but is reviewed by anonymous unpaid workers in the same subdiscipline.

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