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I reject the contention that an important theoretical difference exists between formal and natural languages. -Richard Montague, English as a Formal Language


Auxiliary Verb




Intransitive Verb



Transitive Verb



INSTRUCTIONS: Combine words to make phrases, and sentences. A word is to be clicked on, unless it is red, in which case it is not permitted (if you intend to follow The Rules). A sentence is true or false, or it does something more complicated, but if it is more complicated, you can work out what it does by figuring out whether some other sentence is true or false. Mostly, in this room, you compose sentences and see if they are true now, but you may also rarely be able to ask a question or issue a command. You can do the same things in that room. So: combine phrases with phrases to make phrases, until you end up with something false or true. And then make another sentence, over again.